IBT Portfolios 2017

Your IBT portfolios and interviews are coming up soon!

Scheduled interview times to be assigned shortly.

WORKSHOPS for Portfolios: If you have any questions, or would like to do a preliminary check of your portfolio with a senior IBT student, drop by Room 224 at lunch time on March 20 – March 24!

Please check out the dates and assignment below:

Grade 9s- April 3rd, 2016  IBT Portfolio Rubric Grade 9 2016-2017

Grade 10s - April 4th, 2016 IBT Portfolio Rubric Grade 10 2016-2017

Grade 11s- April 5th, 2016 IBT Portfolio and Rubric Grade 11 2016-2017

Grade 11 - Please note that your portfolios look a little different this year. Please see attached documents for your portfolio assignment and rubric. Please join the group NorthPark IBT 2018 on LinkedIn before your interview.

Grade 12s - Portfolio due April 6th, 2016 8 AM.  IBT Portfolio and Rubric  Grade 12 2016-2017 No presentation required.

Grade 12 – Grade 12s will not be presenting their portfolio. Please join the NEW group North Park IBT – Graduating Class of 2017 on LinkedIn before April 6, 2017 8AM.

Please see Ms. Sukhija (in the science office) or one of the IBT council members if you have any further questions.

Thank you!

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