The Fundamental Accounting Equation and the Balance Sheet

1st Unit Test Thursday February 13th – Chapters 1 and 2

Review of assets and liabilities and calculating net worth
net worth and owner’s equity

A= L + O.E

The Balance Sheet

The balance sheet is the formal presentation of the Fundamental Accounting Equation

What are the key features of the balance sheet?

-Assets (liquidity)

-Liabilities (maturity)

-Owner’s Equity

Complete Exercise 1 Page 28 together


  1. Balance Sheet Quiz on Monday

 Additional Practice and review:

Read Pages 18-19 and Complete Review Questions 1-6 and exercises 1-6

Some additional resources for review:

The Fundamental Accounting Equation

The Balance Sheet

The Accounting Equation Video

The Role of Accounting

  • Review TIMETABLES make sure you are in the correct class
  • Accountants as Scorekeepers
  • Discussion: the different types of accounting and the different designations
  • Previous Accounting designations: CA’s, CGA’s and CMA’s
  • In 2013 CMA and CA members voted for a new unified designation:  CPA (Chartered professional Accountant)
  • On October 1, 2014 CPA Canada signed an agreement to merge with Certified General Accountants of Canada (CGA-Canada), completing integration of the country’s national accounting bodies

Career Ads Activity Due Friday February 7th:

Download (PDF, 8.72MB)

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