Account Balances and Terminology

Debit and Credit rules Discussion: the Double Entry System of Accounting Additional Practice and Review: Prepare your Accounting ID Card (Rules of Debit and Credit Page 93 on the back) Read 88-90 and 92-101 Review Questions 1-7 Page 90 Review Questions 1-12 Exercises 1-4 Page 103 Calculating the Balance of an Account What is an Exceptional account balance? What is […]

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About the Course

Financial Accounting Fundamentals, (BAF3M) Grade 11, University/College Preparation This course introduces students to the fundamental principles and procedures of accounting. Students will develop financial analysis and decision-making skills that will assist them in future studies and/or career opportunities in business. Students will acquire an understanding of accounting for a service and a merchandising business, computerized accounting, financial analysis, and ethics […]

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Welcome to Grade 11 Introduction to Financial Accounting with Mr.Scorcia / Semester Two / Spring 2019

Please complete the following: Introductions This is the place for resources, course policy, assignments, activities and a summary of all we do and learn together in class. It is your responsibility to check the class blog daily, share with your parents, and use the tools for learning provided here for you. Be sure to subscribe to get e-mail updates whenever […]

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