Other Long Term Liabilities

Long Term Note Payables –fixed principal payments/blended Leases – Operating vs. Capital leases Using the information:  DEBT to TOTAL ASSETS TOTAL DEBT (current + long term liabilities) ÷ TOTAL ASSETS = DEBT TO TOTAL ASSETS Interest Coverage (EBIT & EBITDA) Net income+ Interest Expense+ Income Tax Expense ÷ interest expense (EBIT) Net income+ Interest Expense+ Income Tax Expense + Amortization […]

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What are RETAINED EARNINGS? What restrictions are there(contractual/voluntary) Corrections of errors to prior periods are made directly to retained earnings Changes in accounting principles- is permitted when the new method will make the Financial Statements more accurate How are corporate income statements different –include income tax, why? Discussion: presentation of non-typical items Class Work P13-7A P13-8A

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