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Peer Editing and Review

In Our Time Part 2

Work Period

1. Background Readings to be Completed: Pages 27-37 2. Additional Practice and Review: You should have notes that allow you to answer these questions or you can complete Check your Understanding 1-5 Page 34 & 1-4 Page 37 3. Review the The Basic Economic Goals for Government in your textbook: Political Stability Reduced Public Debt Economic […]

Some Possible Topics – In Our Time Part I

You may select an issue in economics or a major event in economic history as your focus: Some major events: The Great Depression Stagflation of the 1970’s The 70’s Energy Crisis and the Oil Shock of 1973 The Savings and Loans Crises The Great Recession of 2008 The Japanese Asset Price Bubble and the Lost […]

Economic and Political Systems

1. Class Discussion: Who/What determines the economic system that a country uses? Two main classifications : 1.Democracy 2. Dictatorship Discussion: Communism, Socialism, Democracy and Fascism – which is the best for economic stability and growth? Discussion: Every political-economic system attempts to establish goals and a focus for resources – what are those goals? Who should […]