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Celebration of Your Knowledge (Unit Test) – Monday Feb.24th

Quiz Thursday February. 20th Unit Test Chapters 1-3 – Monday Feb. 24th For the Multiple Choice  (Knowledge): Review all of the material in the chapters including the check your understanding questions For the Problems/Written Responses (Application and Thinking) Areas to focus on: Production Possibilities Curves, how the PPC can be used illustrate the different laws […]

Economic Thought Continued

Complete the chart below (please feel free to divide the work among yourselves – everyone should have a completed chart) – be prepared to present! Select one of the following Economic Thinkers: Adam Smith Thomas Malthus David Ricardo Karl Marx John Maynard Keynes John Kenneth Galbraith Milton Friedman Paul Krugman Prepare a brief outline of: Biography […]

Work Period – Essay Assignment

University Essay Assignment

Thought, Systems & Decision Making

Concepts: Tangible vs. Intangible Resources The Environment for firms and individuals- economic systems The 3 basic questions for any economy The decision making framework: by tradition by command by market forces   Additional Practice and Review (30 min) 1.Read Pages 27-28 2.Read skill builder : Page 29 look at Questions 1-4 3. Come up with […]

Essay Assignment

Due anytime on Friday February 14th – submit to D2L Please review your first essay assignment: Submit to D2L for originality check Resources: It Depends What You Study Not Where Is College Worth It? The Million Dollar Promise

The Production Possibilities Curve

The Production Possibilities Curve You should be able to answer the following questions: What point(s) are productively inefficient, efficient, and not possible? Why is it called the production possibilities frontier? What part of the graph illustrates diminishing returns? What is opportunity cost and how does the graph illustrate this concept? Assignment (For Submission on Thursday): […]


What is Economics/Scarcity? Introduction to Economics Keynote Scarcity Activity Video- People are not wearing enough hats… What Key economics/management Lessons Can be Learned? Keynote -Positive and Normative Economics The Crimson Permanent Assurance (Monty Python’s) from EpicFilmsGlobal on Vimeo.

What is Economics?

Introduction to CIA4U- Things to Do: Review your TIMETABLE Read the Course profile Rules, Procedures and Expectations Get a textbook Watch the Intro Prezi Additional Practice and Review: Read Pages 4-14