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Monetary Policy and Interest Rates

Fiscal Policy

Questions to focus on: How can the government influence the business cycle? What are the benefits and drawbacks of using fiscal policy? Can a democratically elected government be relied on to enact proper fiscal policy?   Additional Practice and review: Background readings: What the numbers say about the performance of the last three governments as […]

Budget Surpluses and Deficits

Questions to Focus on: The challenge of fiscal policy: when to stop? What is a surplus? What is a budget deficit? What are the principles that guide government fiscal policy? Additional Practice and Review-Numeracy Activity Complete “Thinking Like and Economist” page 234 Please read the following: Fortune Magazine The Usual Suspects 75 Charts

The Business Cycle

Quiz Chapters 6-7 Questions to focus on: What is the business cycle? What is the macro-economist’s role in terms of the business cycle? What impact do the different stages have on aggregate supply and demand? Additional Practice and Review: Read Chapter 10 Review the “Check Your understanding Questions” – you should be able to answer […]

Macroeconomics- Quick Introduction and Summary


Macroeconomics – A Brief History

Questions you should be able to answer: What is the role of government in relation to consumer and producer theory? How has our opinion for the role of government changed over time? Why has it changed? How has the role of government in the economy changed over time in Canada and the world? What challenges […]