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Some Possible Topics – In Our Time Part I

  1. Dealing With Poverty  – Why are current policies not working?
  2. Is Canada Getting Too Old?: Consequences of an Aging Population-An Economic Perspective.
  3. Organized Labor: Why Is Labor Unionism Declining?
  4. Women in the Labor Force: Are They Getting Their Due?
  5. Minorities in the Labor Force: Are They Getting Their Due?
  6. Canadian Tax Policy: Is the Canadian Tax System Fair?
  7. Poverty in Canada: Is the Middle Class Dream an Increasingly Impossible One?
  8. Modernization of Agriculture: Can Canadian Farmers “Make It” in the 21st Century?
  9. Socialism vs. Laissez-faire: What Direction for the New Millennium?
  10. Free Trade: are Free Trade Deals a Good Idea for Canada?
  11. Housing Affordability – Why are Prices Rising So Fast and What are the Consequences?

Work Period

  1. Essay Assignment
  2. Please read Chapters 1-2-3 and take notes as required
  3. You should be able to answer the “Check Your Understanding” questions from the textbook from your notes and have the Key Terms
  4. Make notes on the Production Possibilities Curve/Frontier
  5. Please take a look at the In Our Time Project page and begin investigating topics/issues