The ability to self-reflect and present one’s accomplishments and abilities in a clear and concise manner is a critical skill for employment in the 21st century.  Students in the North Park IBT program improve their self-reflection and communication skills through the preparation and presentation of their personal portfolios.

Four successful portfolio reviews must be completed to earn an IBT certificate upon graduation.  A portfolio review at each grade level must be completed prior to the end of that academic year.

Portfolio Presentation Dates:

Your IBT portfolios and interviews are coming up soon!

Scheduled interview times to be assigned below:

Grade 9 Schedule 2017         Grade 10 Schedule 2017       Grade 11 Schedule 2017

WORKSHOPS for Portfolios: If you have any questions, or would like to do a preliminary check of your portfolio with a senior IBT student, drop by Room 224 at lunch time on March 20 – March 24!

Please check out the dates and documents below:

Grade 9s- April 3rd, 2016  IBT Portfolio Rubric Grade 9 2016-2017

Grade 10s - April 4th, 2016 IBT Portfolio Rubric Grade 10 2016-2017

Grade 11s- April 5th, 2016 IBT Portfolio and Rubric Grade 11 2016-2017

Grade 11 - Please note that your portfolios look a little different this year. Please see attached documents for your portfolio assignment and rubric. Please join the group NorthPark IBT 2018 on LinkedIn before your interview.

Grade 12s - Portfolio due April 6th, 2016 8 AM.  IBT Portfolio and Rubric Grade 12 2016-2017 No presentation required.

Grade 12 - Grade 12s will not be presenting their portfolio. Please join the NEW group North Park IBT – Graduating Class of 2017 on LinkedIn before April 6, 2017 8AM.

Note- please see Ms. Sukhija if there are any problems or if you have any questions/concerns about your portfolio         

Refer to the following documents for instructions, tips, ideas, and reminders for putting your portfolio together.

General Portfolio Design     For SHSM Students

 Instructions for Grade 11 & 12 Students